Listening to Music Can Lower Your Risk of Mental Disorders


Music has various health benefits. By listening to music, your body can relax and feel happier. So don’t underestimate the power of music, because listening to it is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Have you ever heard that music can reduce a person’s risk of mental illness? In fact, listening to music will make the brain respond to nerves in processing emotions. One of the activities that nourish the brain is playing music.

Music is claimed to be used as an emotional regulator that can reduce the risk of a person’s mental disorders, how come? Music can help reduce and manage stress well. In this case, music is used as a means to calm the mind and encourage relaxation in the brain. Listening to music can affect the human stress response, especially the autonomic nervous system.

Listening to music is not only good for managing stress. There are many other benefits that you can take from this one positive thing, including:

1. Increase Concentration

If you are an office worker who needs full concentration in completing work, try working while listening to music. Listening to music is claimed to improve performance on cognitive tasks because it can provide a better memory.

Listening to music at work can also improve brain performance and maintain mental health. To help concentrate, you are advised to listen to instrumental music.

2. Maintaining Memory

Many people prefer to enjoy music while they are studying. Is this a good idea? In fact, listening to your favorite music while studying is effective in retaining memory. However, depending on the type of music you listen to.

3. Generating Moods

Listening to your favorite music will help you calm down. In addition, listening to music can help lift your mood. This will help you calm down and reduce any stress you feel. If you are feeling emotional, you can practice this one method to relieve your emotions or you can consult a psychologist in the Ask an Expert column.

4. Preventing Insomnia Disorders

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. Listening to music while going to sleep can actually make you sleep comfortably by providing good quality sleep. By listening to music, you will be more relaxed, making it easier to sleep. In this case, the music with soft and slow strains will help you sleep comfortably.

5. Reducing Anxiety Levels

A person who wants to perform a surgical procedure can listen to music before, after, or while performing the operation. The point is to make the patient feel relaxed during the operation. That way, anxiety, and worry will go away on their own, and the operation will run smoothly without any annoying anxiety.

Music does have the power to inspire and entertain someone. In addition, there are many psychological benefits that can be taken, so that it can prevent you from the risk of mental disorders. Music can make you more motivated, feel happy, and feel relaxed. Are there any of you who haven’t tried it? For those of you who haven’t tried, let’s share in the comments column below.

You can take various benefits related to mental health problems from listening to music. However, to have a healthy body and soul, music is not enough. You also have to keep eating healthy, nutritionally balanced foods, and living a healthy lifestyle.

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