Is It True that Music can Make the Body Healthier?


The music turns out to be more than just pleasing to the ear, but it can also make you mentally and physically healthier, even smarter.

You may often listen to music while traveling, doing things, relaxing, or even when under stress. What do you feel after listening to music? Are you feeling calmer, happier, or more energized? Yes, it turns out that music can influence you. It even affects your health.

Running More Enthusiastic

Since music can have a positive impact on morale, try running or cycling while listening to music. But don’t sound too loud, so you can still hear when a person or vehicle passes by. With increased spirits, hopefully, you can run or cycle further, and the more calories you burn.

Stronger Body and Mental

Research shows that listening to music to patients in the hospital before and after surgery will make the patient calmer and more able to relieve pain after surgery. For office employees, if you feel stressed and the workload is too heavy, it doesn’t hurt to listen to music, for example, instrumental music first.

Refreshed Mind

Try listening to classical music when you are studying or need concentration. Rotate slowly and not too hard to keep you focused. In addition, several studies have also found that it is easier for people to remember new words when given a tone and sung, compared to memorizing without a tone. Just try it.

Sleep Better

Quiet, static music can help you feel sleepy. Try turning it for about 45 minutes before you enter the room and go to bed.

For maximum impact, listen to music wisely. For example, raising your voice just enough so as not to irritate others or damage your eardrums. Enjoy music.

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