How to Solve Common Problems with AirPods


Do you have problems using AirPods? Quiet. Check out this article and find out how to solve common problems with AirPods.

Apple AirPods are now claimed to be the best earbuds on the market. Even though it is called the best product, electronic products are certainly not free from shortcomings.

Usually, every electronic product has a common problem, and the AirPods are no exception. One of the problems that usually occur on AirPods is installation problems.

If you’re having trouble with your AirPods, don’t worry. In this article, I will share ways to solve common problems with AirPods.

How to Troubleshoot your AirPods

Missing AirPods

Actually, this problem is not caused by a factory error. But maybe it tends to be due to the user’s negligence.

Yes, it cannot be denied, AirPods have a super small form. Therefore, it is not surprising that this small object is easily tucked into and lost.

Don’t worry though. You can find the missing AirPods using Find My iPhone. The first step is of course installing the Find My iPhone application on your iOS device.

After that, enter your Apple ID. Then choose the AirPods menu. Then the phone will show a map of where the AirPods are.

If you see a green dot next to the AirPods icon, it means that the AirPods are still on. You can play audio to easily find AirPods.

Installation Problems

If your AirPods aren’t connected to your phone, the first thing you can do is insert the AirPods into the charging case. Wait about 10 seconds, then try using the AirPods in your ear.

If that doesn’t work, try turning Bluetooth on and off on your phone. Then charge your AirPods for 10 seconds. After that try using the earbuds.

Phone Call Sounds Suddenly Disappear

This problem has happened to AirPods released in 2017. But fortunately, Apple has now fixed the problem.

But if a phone call suddenly disappears while you’re using your AirPods, try removing the earbuds from your ear. After that, use one AirPod in your ear. Usually, this method is quite effective.

Audio Problems

Actually, audio problems can be caused by several things. Bluetooth and WiFi are among the causes of audio problems on the AirPods.

To overcome this, you can turn off Bluetooth and WiFi while using AirPods. Maybe this will be effective if done at home. But in the office, it might be a bit difficult.

Anyway, there are other alternatives to solve this problem. You can disable the Automatic Ear Detection feature. This will make the sound clearer without noise.

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