AirPods Tips You Probably Didn’t Know


After introducing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus which are not equipped with a 3.5 mm jack, it is very different from previous Apple cellphone products.

It’s not that these new iPhone users can’t listen to songs, receive calls, or talk to Siri using Apple Headphones – EarPods.

Apple released AirPods as a replacement for the 3.5 mm headset jack with wireless technology, optical sensor, accelerometer, which allows you to control audio playback in a very different way.

When receiving a phone call, the mic will automatically be active and ready to use.

To use Apple’s AirPods, the Apple device used must have the latest operating system installed (iOS 10, macOS Sierra, or watchOS 3).

After being delayed some time ago, now it can be ordered even though the stock is still limited.

For those of you who have already purchased or are using Apple’s latest headset, there are 8 tips that you should know. Please see in full below.

How to Connect AirPods to iPhone

To use AirPods and an iPhone or connect them, the steps are fairly straightforward. You only need 3 steps, namely, open the AirPods cover, then wait a few moments for a notification to appear on your cellphone, select Connect and it’s done.

After successfully connecting AirPods to your iPhone, you don’t need to repeat the steps above if you use the same iCloud account on a Mac or iPad.

Connect AirPods to Non-Apple Devices

Apple deliberately made AirPods easy to use. AirPods are made by Apple and integrated with other Apple devices, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be connected to non-Apple devices. You can connect AirPods to an Android phone, computer, or Apple TV.

Activate Bluetooth configuration on the device that will be connected to the AirPods.

Open the AirPods case cover then press and hold a few seconds for the small button on the back of the case cover.

Once the indicator light turns white, AirPods will display a confirmation to connect existing devices.

Check the AirPods battery on your iPhone

There are many options that can be displayed on the iPhone to see the status of the AirPods battery and case cover.

Apart from that, you can add a battery widget in the Notification Center.

Check Battery Status on Apple Watch

We can also easily check the battery status of AirPods when using an Apple Watch. While using AirPods, open Control Center on Apple Watch, then select the Battery button. Later, the iWatch and AirPods battery status will appear.

Change the Name of AirPods

We can change the name of the AirPods detected on the connected device, for example on the iPhone by selecting the Settings menu> Bluetooth then selecting the “i” icon to display the AirPods name.

Overrides AirPods’ Double-Tap Function

You can change the AirPods’ double-tap configuration which by default calls Siri to “play/pause” music or nothing at all.

Connect AirPods on Mac

AirPods can not only be used on iPhones, iPods, and other devices but can also be used or connected to a Mac to listen to sound by clicking on the speaker icon in the menu bar then selecting AirPods in the “audio output device” list.

Block AirPods

If someone else uses your AirPods, a notification will appear. Of course, he can connect it to the iPhone but must press the Connect option and vice versa.

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